Those beautiful images of Ithaca and Central New York.... was started with a chance comment from our graphics designer Jackie Sherman of Flourish Design Studio. She was working on another project and said quietly "I wish that there was a stock agency just for Ithaca.
That comment started, in my mind, the formulation of LLC.

It is four years now that we have been collecting images and encouraging gifted photographers in and from Central New York to contribute their skills to create a library of very special images. The intent is to provide you, the business person, web design professional or graphic artist, images that are technically excellent and artistic, of Central New York and wherever our contributors have taken themselves.

While most of our contributors reside in Central New York, a number are ex-patriots; Ithacans who have moved to places like Hawaii, Virginia, California, England and beyond - but still consider Ithaca as their home. This gives both a distinctly local feel, while providing a much larger range of images for your use.

Our Guarantee:


When we provide an image to you and you use it for your advertising or your web site, it is the greatest compliment to our contributors. We are all passionate professionals who adore the work we do. For our part, we want to make the process of picking out and purchasing your images to be as fun and enjoyable as possible. Our goal and guarantee is that you will be delighted with the entire experience. We don't do "satisfied"; you must be delighted, or we will do whatever is necessary to MAKE you delighted.

This extends to our "Find a Photo" service, or our custom search process, where clients can contact us with a specific need and we will create a list of possibilities that match your needs. After all, nobody knows our library like we do!

So give us a try for your next image need. We guaranty DELIGHT!


Need even more?

We are a full service studio as well. Monroe Payne Photography, which is a part of, can handle your custom photography needs, from business head portraits, product photography, professional organization group photos, and even personal photography of families, mothers and babies, and High School Seniors. Visit to see galleries of recent work - including some samples of art work from photos.